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With Continuous Cloud Infrastructure Powered by Hitachi Data Systems

Move your organization to the cloud and closer to your business objectives, more quickly and confidently than ever with the NEW Continuous Cloud Infrastructure from HDS.

Combining software-defined storage and industry-leading hardware, a Continuous Cloud Infrastructure delivers Business-Defined IT that’s agile, available and automated — always.

Introducing Continuous Cloud Infrastructure by Bob Plumridge, Chief Technology Officer – EMEA.
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What Have We Launched?

We’re introducing new solutions that give you the agility your business needs to stay competitive.
Open a world of new benefits with Hitachi Data Systems.

Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G1000

Move quickly and confidently into new initiatives, knowing that your storage hardware infrastructure can scale and perform for your most critical applications.

  • Benefit from the industry’s best performance, availability and scaling.
  • Ensure zero downtime with nondisruptive data migration.
  • Make the most of IT with leading-edge, in-system scalability for seamless growth.

Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operating System

With a proven history in the enterprise, this software gives you high performance, virtualizes hardware assets, and automates performance management.

  • Increase agility, with fewer ties to specific hardware to achieve enterprise-level features.
  • 100% availability, without limitations of geography, without downtime.
  • Reduce opex through automation, including automatic data tiering to meet SLAs.

Hitachi Command Suite

Simplify your storage management and take control with our innovative software at the helm, enabling your business to better align IT to business policies.

  • Increase automation and the ability to correlate storage management to business needs.
  • Reduce opex by simplifying management costs while still scaling to complex needs.
  • Personalize management for users and the business through self-service customization

Hitachi Unified Compute Platform

Get best-in-class storage, servers and network for management simplicity through one stack, creating the agile, automated data center of the future.

  • Achieve greater agility through template-based provisioning for ultimate responsiveness.
  • Create a more responsive, resilient and robust IT infrastructure.
  • Improve capex and opex through automation, facilitating new IT investments.

Hitachi NAS Platform –
Storage Replication Adapter and Virtual Infrastructure Integrator

Hitachi NAS Platform offers industry-leading performance and scalability, now made easier to access in SMB (via Microsoft®) and VMware environments.

  • Enhance integration with VMware high-availability scenarios and testing.
  • Improve performance, manageability and availability of NAS workloads.
  • Deliver smoother consolidations into your Continuous Cloud Infrastructure.